Amanda Terry is a makeup artist for Heroes Reborn
Amanda Terry

General Information


March 7, 1975

Birth Place

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Makeup Department Head


Amanda Terry is a Canadian makeup artist. Most notable is her work on The Kennedys for which she won an Emmy, and also her work on Beauty & the Beast and Doc. She is married to screenwriter Brandon Tataryn.


Makeup Department

Title Year
Earth: Final Conflict  1997
After  1998
Brimstone  1998
Twice in a Lifetime 1999
Three to Tango 1999
Letters to a Street Child 1999
Doc 2001-2004
Niagara Motel  2005
Beautiful People 2005
The Way  2006
Angela's Eyes  2006
The Path to 9/11  2006
The Kennedys  2011
Against the Wall  2011
Beauty and the Beast 2012-2014
Mama 2013
Heroes Reborn  2015-2016
Strangers in a Book 2015



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