Angela Petrelli is a character in Heroes Reborn. She is portrayed by Cristine Rose
Angela Petrelli





  • Arthur Petrelli (Ex-husband) Deceased
  • Nathan Petrelli (Son) Deceased
  • Peter Petrelli (Son)
  • Claire Bennet (Grand-daughter) Deceased
  • Simon Petrelli (Grand-son)
  • Monty Petrelli (Grand-son)
  • Alice Shaw (Sister)
  • Malina Bennet (Great Granddaughter)
  • Tommy Clark (Great Grandson)
  • Tim Petrelli (Brother-in-law)



Angela had a vision of the impending events scheduled to take place a year later, and that one or both of Claire's children will save the world and must be protected.

On June 13, 2014, she meets with Mohinder Suresh outside of Odessa, Texas to warn him about Erica Kravid and her intentions.

Angela and Noah Bennet convince Hiro Nakamura to take her and the twins back to 1999 where they could grow up and gain their powers as well as be prepared to use them. Before they leave Noah asks Angela to name the children first as Claire never got the chance to. Angela names the little boy Nathan while Noah names the little girl Malina after his mother. 



Powers and Abilities


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