Aron Tager is the actor who portrays an old angry guy in Episode 1 of Heroes Reborn
Aron Tager

General Information


15 June 1934

Birth Place

Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA


5' 6" (1.68 m)


Aron Tager first appeared in film in Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur (1992), and in several episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990) which lasted until 1994, when Tager went on to co-star in Canadian features such as Sweet Killing (1993), Gary Busey's Canvas (1992), Warrior (1994), Eye Of The Wolf (1995), and a spooky TV sequel Trilogy Of Terror II (1996).



Title Role Year
Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur  Emission télé 1992
Twin Sisters  Butler 1992
Léolo  Fishmonger 1992
Canvas  Jimmy 1992
Mothers and Daughters  McEwan 1992
Armen and Bullik Charnac 1993
Sweet Killing  Officer Lipsky 1993
Because Why  Bert 1993
Warriors  Gen. Moorhead 1994
C'était le 12 du 12 et Chili avait les blues  L'homme au cigare 1994
Highlander: The Final Dimension  Stosh 1994
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde  Lawyer 1995
Curtis's Charm  Park Worker 1995
Where's the Money, Noreen? Manager 1995
Captive Heart: The James Mink Story Conductor 1996
Trilogy of Terror II Steve 1996
Windsor Protocol Uncle Misha 1996
Murder at 1600  Treasury Guard #2 1997
Peacekeepers  Mondolo 1997
Blind Faith  Judge Aker 1998
The Long Island Incident  Gun Salesman 1998
His Bodyguard  Dr. Frank 1998
Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms John Devereaux 1998
Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story  Producer One 1998
The Devil's Arithmetic Uncle Abe 1999
My Gentleman Friends  1999
Rocky Marciano Charley Goldman 1999
The Third Miracle Cardinal Humes 1999
Mr. Rock 'n' Roll: The Alan Freed Story  J. Edgar Hoover 1999
Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business  John Devereaux 1999
A Holiday Romance Joseph  1999
Common Ground  Mr. Manos 2000
X-Men  Emcee 2000
Santa Who?  Grandpa 2000
Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows George Jessel 2001
Chasing Cain  Rad 2001
Century Hotel  Older Salvatore 2001
Serendipity  Janitor 2001
Protection  Lujak 2001
Keep the Faith, Baby Chairman Emanuel Celler 2002
10,000 Black Men Named George  Governor Morrow 2002
Fancy Dancing  Zero 2002
The Rats Janitor 2002
The Pact Judge H. Rossiter 2002
Martin and Lewis Max Coleman 2002
Second String Charley Tuck 2002
Boys Briefs 2  Trick 1  2002
Salem Witch Trials Giles Corey 2002
Good Fences Belcher 2003
The One Ace the Baker 2003
Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story  Pops 2003
Lives of the Saints  Lawyer 2004
Cool Money  Judge Raymond Ziff 2005
Kojak Grant Cleveland 2005
The Buck Calder Experience Lou Blatts 2006
A Lobster Tale  Morty Thorpe 2006
You Kill Me  Walter Fitzgerald 2007
The Echo  Old Man 2008
You Might as Well Live  Rabbi Kirshenblat 2009
The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard  Dr. Max Henreid 2010
Goon  Mr. Goldsmith 2011
Stag  Old Man 2013
88  Dale 2014
Vox Fernando Moroso 2015


Title Role Year
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Dr. Vink / Zeebo / Carney 1990-1994
Saban's Adventures of the Little Mermaid Anselm (voice) 1991
Heritage Minutes McFarlane 1991
Urban Angel  The Printer 1991
David Copperfield The Butcher (voice) 1993
The Busy World of Richard Scarry  (voice) 1994-1997
Sirens  Gideon Wylie 1994
Scoop III Caissier smoked-meat 1994
The Maharaja's Daughter Police Captain 1994
Due South  Nelson 1995
Tales of the Wild McCready 1995
Sirens  Tommy Flint 1995
TekWar Alonzo Del Amo 1995
The Hardy Boys 1995
Goosebumps Dr. Shreek 1995
Due South  Bert Block 1996
Blazing Dragons  King Allfire (voice) 1996
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal  County Coroner Louis Arnold 1997
Due South  Tom 1997
Wind at My Back Joe Willis 1997
Donkey Kong Country Cranky Kong (voice) 1998-2000
Silver Surfer Master of Zenn-La (voice) 1998
Earth: Final Conflict Smackovich 1998
Relic Hunter Lawrence Zale 1999
The Zack Files Old Man 2000
The Associates 2001
A Nero Wolfe Mystery Commissioner 2001
Screech Owls  Grandfather 2001
Thieves Sid 2001
Monk  Leo Otterman 2002
Blue Murder  Motel Manager 2003
Puppets Who Kill Deprogrammer 2004
Wonderfalls Gwen 2004
Billable Hours  Mortie Fagen 2006-2008
At the Hotel Norman 2006
Jane and the Dragon  Sir Theodore Boarmaster (voice) 2006
The Shakespeare Comedy Show Lear 2006
Masters of Horror George Graham 2007
The Jon Dore Television Show Mr. Pansky 2009
The Dating Guy  Captain Steiner (voice) 2009
Lost Girl  Mayer 2010
The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Salty Saul (voice) 2011
Cybergeddon Arthur Hastings 2012
The Stanley Dynamic Walter Floggins 2014
Hard Rock Medical  Fred 2015
Heroes Reborn Old Angry Guy 2015



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