Boomer Phillips portrays a thug in Heroes Reborn.


All Boomer Phillips ever wanted to be was a firefighter but after obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduating the Texas A&M University Fire Academy, a shortage of firefighter jobs made him reconsider his dreams.

Boomer first stepped on a stand-up comedy stage in August of 2005. Within a year he was a finalist in three high profile comedy competitions: Yuk Yuks Toronto Laugh off, Yuk Yuks Ajax Laugh Off and the Hog town Comedy Festivals Ed Pollack Competition.

In 2006, Boomer signed with an acting agency and since then he has traveled the world appearing in over 30 Canadian and American television commercials, he is easily recognized as a Regular on Much Music's Video on Trial, Star's Gone Wild and Much On Demand.

Recent television appearances include guest spots on TMN's ReGenisis, A&E's Urban Legends, recurring roles on The Smart Woman's Survival Guide and Howie Mandels new show on NBC. Boomer was also featured in the lead role in the short film The Price of Acorn which has been invited to several international screenings, including Bruce Willis' Turks and Caicos International Film Festival.


  • The Smart Woman Survival Guide (TV Series) 
  • Stars Gone Wild (TV Series) 
  • Howie Do It (TV Series) 
  • The Adrenaline Project (TV Series)
  • Freak Encounters (TV Series) 
  • Bitten (TV Series) 
  • Too Much Information (TV Series)
  • Letterkenny (TV Series)