Colin Davies is a visual effects supervisor for Heroes Reborn
Colin Davies

General Information


  • Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Animation Visual Effects Supervisor



Colin Davies’ career in visual effects spans over 16 years. He joined SPIN in 1999 and later became Partner. His background in live action filmmaking and animation direction made for a natural transition to visual effects.


Visual Effects 

Title Year
Land of the Dead  2005
Weirdsville 2007
Catacombs 2007
Diary of the Dead  2007
The Stone Angel 2007
Survival of the Dead 2009
The Day of the Triffids  2009
Knight and Day  2010
Piranha 3D 2010
Legendary  2010
Knucklehead 2010
The Con Artist 2010
That's What I Am 2011
Inside Out 2011
Dream House  2011
The Reunion  2011
Bending the Rules 2012
Titanic  2012
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter  2012
All Is Lost  2013
Game of Thrones 2013
The Signal  2014
Dolphin Tale 2 2014
John Wick  2014
Against the Sun 2014
Heroes Reborn  2015-2016
Spotlight  2015



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