Dean Armstrong is the actor who portrays Special Agent Cole Cutler in Heroes Reborn 
Dean Armstrong

General Information


April 24, 1973

Birth Place 

Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada


Dean Armstrong is an actor and coach for performers in Film and TV. Dean also serves as a screen test adviser, pre-production and on-set acting coach for various networks and feature film production companies including Discovery, NBC, Showtime, Shaftesbury, Global, Paramount and Alliance Atlantis. Dean's collaboration, in this capacity, has not only influenced the critical acclaim of many stars, but his direction has also served as the basis for casting and the subsequent development of national and international talent.

Dean has been a permanent resident of the US since 2010, residing in both New York and Los Angeles. Native to Canada, Dean's ancestry includes roots in Ireland, Scotland and England. In 1992, with an early passion for law and politics. In 1993, 1 year after acceptance and studies at Queen's University, Kingston, Dean's pursuit of law gave way to a growing passion for the performing arts. Dean graduated from Queen's University with degree(s) in Theater Arts (BAH) 1996 and Education (Bed) 1997.

Dean's passion and commitment for the arts and education began in 1996 after directing a production of West Side Story at the Grand Theater, in Kingston. It was through directing, that Dean correlated his skill-sets with teaching. Dean laid the first foundation blocks of what today is known as Armstrong Acting Studios in 1997; originally Players Workshops, later Dean Armstrong Acting Studio.

Dean entered into the world of professional acting in his late 20's; making his impact on an international audience only 2 short years after his graduation. 2000 marked Dean's Showtime (2000-2005) and Broadway (2000-2002) simultaneous debut(s) in the US, denoting his diversity and marketability as both a screen and stage actor.

2005-2009 Were hibernating years for Dean; spent behind the scenes building what today is known as Armstrong Acting Studios. It was during this time, that Dean logged hundreds of episodes as well as feature credits as a screen-test advisor, preproduction and on-set acting coach. Dean's work includes collaboration with Showtime, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Alliance/Atlantis, Discovery Channel, Impossible Pictures, Global and CTV.

As an instructor, he continues to look after private clients as well as to guest lecture at various schools, programs, workshops and venues across the US and Canada.



Title Role Year
Repo! The Genetic Opera  Thankless Job Victim 2008
Saw 3D: The Final Chapter  Cale 2010
Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings  Daniel 2011
Hiding  Mr. Ostrog 2012
Time of Death  Vincent Delucas 2013
The Gabby Douglas Story  Brent 2014
Joy Ride 3  Officer Williams 2014
A Wish Come True Billy Maddox 2015


Title Role Year
Earth: Final Conflict Hotel Volunteer 1999
Twice in a Lifetime Bruce Bennett 1999
Queer as Folk Blake Wyzecki 2000-2005
Earth: Final Conflict Lead Engineer 2000
Doc Scotty Redfield 2003
True Crimes: The First 72 Hours  Jeffery Campbell 2004
The Newsroom  Bob Walker 2005
Smothered Reynard 2005
True Crimes: The First 72 Hours  Jordan Reardon 2006
'Til Death Do Us Part Jason 2007
Haven  Geoff McShaw 2010
The Listener  Dylan Morris 2011
Alphas Milos Kosar 2011
Flashpoint Anson Holt 2012
Copper  John Sutton 2013
The Lottery  Jay Ruchman 2014
Heroes Reborn Special Agent Cole Cutler 2015-2016
Beauty and the Beast Lieutenant Maron 2016



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