Deidre Michelle Cross is the actress who portrays a speedy EVO in Heroes Reborn 
Deidre Cross

General Information

Birth Place 

London, Ontario



Deidre's love for putting on performances led her to theater, acting and dance classes at an early age. Continuing with acting and dance on the side in a new city, Deidre landed an internship at a Toronto advertising agency which allowed her to be on-set of client's photo shoots and commercials. She couldn't think of anything else but to further pursue her passion and get an agent.

Deidre has been cast in a few dozen commercials and print ads for clients such as Pringles, Hyundai, TD Bank, Bacardi, and Budweiser. Deidre has dabbled into the TV world in an episode of CTV's Satisfaction and is working to do more television. 

Deidre's artistic mind is nonstop and is always creating whether she's in class for acting or dance, taking photos on her Canon, self taping, making and editing videos, or coaching friends for their auditions in her studio.



Title Role Year
Satisfaction  Mark's Date 2013
Heroes Reborn  Speedy Evo 2015



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