Evan Gervais is the Dailies Producer for Heroes Reborn
Evan Gervais

General Information


  • Dailies Producer
  • Workflow Producer


Evan Gervais is a digital dailies supervisor at Bling Digital.

Bling Digital, a division of SIM Digital, is a post-production technology and services provider specializing in on-set data management, digital dailies, editorial system rentals, final color correction, online editorial and data archiving. Focused on maximizing production efficiency, Bling has pioneered the most coveted digital workflows, introduced highly portable equipment services and customized processes that have been deployed for most of the major studios worldwide. The company continues to engineer new ideas that allow our clients to work confidently with the latest camera technologies available through SIM Digital.


Dailies Producer

Title Year
Hell on Wheels 2012-2013
Fargo  2014
High Moon  2014
Heroes Reborn 2015-2016
Hemlock Grove 2015
American Odyssey 2015
12 Monkeys 2015
Make It Pop 2015
Reign  2015
Defiance  2015
Suits  2015
Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters 2015
The Dovekeepers 2015
Warrior 2015
Cheerleader Death Squad 2015
Spun Out  2016



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