Farah Nazan is a character in Heroes Reborn. She is portrayed by Nazneen Contractor.  


Farah Nazan is described as “militant, tough, and stoic”. She is responsible for hiding Malina in the arctic in order to protect her from Renautas.

Under the Mask

An invisible Farah guides Malina on her way out of Alaska.

The Needs of the Many

Farah and Malina leave the Arctic Circle.

The Lion's Den

While using E.P.I.C one of Harris's clones finds Farah in Canada. Malina tries to fight off Harris's agents but finds her powers subdued by Phoebe Frady, while Harris shoots Farah.

June 13 - Part Two

Carlos Gutierrez becomes a war hero for the actions of his fellow soldier and love interest Farah, as she leaves for a job far away to hide her powers.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

While interrogating Carlos, Matt Parkman learns that he knows Farah.

11:53 to Odessa

Carlos confronts his past while under Matt's watch. Matt uses Carlos to interrogate Farah, trying to find Malina. As Carlos, Farah and Taylor Kravid try to escape Sunstone Manor, an army of Harris clones converge.

Send in the Clones

At the mysterious Sunstone Manor, Carlos and Farah fight alongside The Haitian to take down Matt. Rene, Carlos, Taylor and Farah barricade themselves in Sunstone Manor to hide from the Harris'. Carlos and Farah free the prisoners under Matt's control in the manor and prepare them for battle. Micah Sanders explains the magnitude of the threat the world is facing to Carlos, Farah and Jose and then makes a broadcast to the world where he exposes Erica Kravid's lies and proves Mohinder Suresh's innocence. Micah calls upon everyone to stand together and save the world. As everyone makes their way to Odessa the sun releases the first of the predicted solar flares.

Company Woman

Luke Collins, Malina, and Quentin Frady go to Union Wells High School and make a scene for the news cameras to attract Tommy Clark's attention. Micah sends the footage everywhere. Tommy and Joanne Collins come, but Hachiro Otomo appears and sends Tommy to Evernow. When Joanne shoots Malina, an invisible Farah Nazan takes the bullet and Luke incinerates Joanne.

Project Reborn

Jose, Micah, and Carlos remove the bullet from Farah. Three months later, Carlos and Farah continue El Vengador's work.