Game Over is episode 6 of Heroes Reborn.  


Noah Bennet takes it upon himself to seek important answers. After making a startling discovery, Tommy and Emily make an unexpected journey. Malina finds and helps a new ally. And Erica with her select team from Renautas takes measures to interfere with Miko's mission.


Carlos Gutierrez learns from James Dearing about a place that is keeping EVOs.

Miko and Ren return to Evernow to save the "Master of Time and Space".

Tommy runs away to Paris with Emily, but learns that nowhere is safe.

Miko meets Noah and Quentin in Renautas, and joins forces with them. They discover that Renautas has harnessed Hiro's ability to send what is needed to rebuild the Earth to the future. They learn that Miko is only a program that will disappear when Hiro is rescued and the game ends.

Malina meets Luke, and when she sees him try to drown himself, she manipulates the wind to rescue him.

Quentin confronts his sister Phoebe and she kills him to protect Erica's mission.

Harris has Noah cornered when Miko completes the game, releasing Hiro. Noah asks Hiro to take him back to the Odessa peace summit on June 13 to change the future. Though reluctant, Hiro agrees as Erica was harnessing his power for her own benefit.

Taylor Kravid sends a message to Hero_Truther via his YouTube channel HeroTruther, revealing that Renautas kidnapped EVOs.

Malina opens the envelope Farah gave her to find a picture of Tommy, who Luke recognizes.

Emily helps Tommy take out his tracking chip and they kiss.


  • This is the first episode where Miko speaks English


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