HeroTruther is a YouTube channel that posts videos of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities
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The HeroTruther base is located under the Olympic Coin Laundry. It is assumed that all videos are posted by Hero_Truther himself.


Woman Pushes Truck with One Hand

On June 13, 2015, HeroTruther posted the channel's first video. The description says "Where Are The Heroes? Woman moves a car that was parked too closely".

Woman Pushes Truck with One Hand00:33

Woman Pushes Truck with One Hand

Motorcycle Miracle

On June 22, 2015, HeroTruther posted a video called "мотоцикл чудо (Motorcycle Miracle)". The video's description says, "Where Are The Heroes? Russian dash cam footage catches guy getting hit by truck and surviving".

Мотоцикл чудо (Motorcycle Miracle)00:22

Мотоцикл чудо (Motorcycle Miracle)

4th of July Fail: Exploding Hand

On July 6, 2015, HeroTruther uploaded its third video. The description says "Dude's hand grows fingers back after fireworks fail. WTF".

4th of July Fail Exploding Hand00:48

4th of July Fail Exploding Hand

Parkour Leap -- Epic

Two days after its last video, HeroTruther uploaded another, this time titled "Parkour Leap -- Epic". The description reads "Crazy parkour athlete jumps HUGE gap between buildings—unreal!"

Parkour Leap -- Epic01:29

Parkour Leap -- Epic

The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come00:38

The Time Has Come


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