Hiro Kanagawa is the actor who portrays Hachiro Otomo in Heroes Reborn
Hiro Kanagawa

General Information


October 13, 1963

Birth Place

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan


5' 8½" (1.74 m)


Hiro Kanagawa attended International Christian University High School in Tokyo where he acted in his first student films and stage productions and studied classical guitar. 



Title Role Year
Born Too Soon Resident 1993
My Name Is Kate Doctor 1994
Voices from Within  Medical Examiner 1994
The Hunted  Lieutenant 1995
Hideaway  Nurse Nakamura 1995
Cyberjack  Kenji 1995
Crying Freeman Temple Yakuza 1995
A Child Is Missing Agent Kurosaka 1995
Mask of Death  ER Doctor 1996
Bloodhounds II Detective 1996
For Hope  Dr. Black 1996
Bliss  Doctor 1997
Survival on the Mountain Ang 1997
Excess Baggage  Jon 1997
Tricks  Matsuba 1997
Every Mother's Worst Fear Computer Agent 1998
American Dragons  Nakai 1998
The Inspectors  Polygraph Tech 1998
Future Sport Otomo Akira 1998
Resurrection  Tech #2 1999
Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying  Controller 1999
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York City Official #4 1999
The Wonder Cabinet Dr. Shima-Tsuno 1999
Epicenter  Agent Ted 2000
The Linda McCartney Story  Senior Narcotics Officer 2000
The Guilty  Police Detective 2000
Beautiful Joe  Japanese Business Man #1 2000
Protection  Don 2000
Best in Show  Pet Shop Owner 2000
The 6th Day  Team Doctor 2000
Josie and the Pussycats  Japanese Delegate 2001
Replicant  Lab Video Technician #1 2001
Class Warfare  Mr. Tanaka 2001
Touched by a Killer  Steve Tunaki 2001
Living with the Dead  Frank the Business Consultant 2002
Damaged Care  Dr. Kitano 2002
Chaos and Desire  Kiyoshi 2002
Extreme Ops  Mr. Imahara 2002
1st to Die Dr. Shimera 2003
Betrayed  Dr. Tanaka 2003
Little Brother of War  Detective Nolan 2003
Public Lighting  2004
The Five People You Meet in Heaven  Japanese Guard #1 2004
Elektra  Meizumi 2005
God's Baboons  Clive 2005
Ladies Night Mr. Muriyami 2005
Bob the Butler  Japanese Plumber 2005
14 Hours  Dr. Chin 2005
Hush  Dr. Berke 2005
Best Friends Detective Miyashiro 2005
Spymate  Japanese Chairman 2006
Family in Hiding Kanagawa 2006
The Entrance  Detective Nolan 2006
The Last Mimzy  Scientist 2007
War  Yoshido 2007
Sword of the Stranger  Shoan (voice) 2007
Girlfriend Experience  John (voice) 2008
The Day the Earth Stood Still  Dr. Ikegawa 2008
What Color Is Love?  Henry Wang 2009
Hardwired  Dr. Steckler 2009
The King of Fighters  Saisyu Kusanagi 2010
Earth's Final Hours Tech 2011
Doomsday Prophecy  Dr. Yates 2011
Donovan's Echo  Kaisha 2011
Deck the Halls Harry Saito 2011
The Company You Keep  FBI Agent Kanagawa 2012
The Carpenter's Miracle  Dr. Nakatomi 2013
Assault on Wall Street  TV Host 2013
Down River  Aki's Father 2013
Grave Halloween  Jin 2013
Godzilla  Hayato 2014
The Age of Adaline  Kenneth 2015


Title Role Year
Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren Zabi (voice) 1979
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures  Elvis 2 1992
The Round Table  1992
The X-Files Peter Tanaka 1994
Madison Teacher 1994
Highlander  Akira Yoshida 1994
M.A.N.T.I.S. Yakuza Translater 1994
Millennium  Agent Takahashi 1996
Viper Otomo 1996
The Sentinel  Furukawa 1996
Sliders Henry 1996
North of 60 Noriyoshi Misoguchi 1996
The X-Files Dr. Yonechi 1997
Breaker High Mr. Taneka 1997
Cold Squad  Det. James Kai 1998-1999
The Outer Limits  Tali 1998
Millennium  Team Member Lewis / Detective Rondell 1998
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Japanese Game Show Host 1998
Master Keaton Fumio Hisayama (voice) 1998
First Wave John Tran 1998
You, Me and the Kids 1999
The Net Frank 1999
Millennium  Shopkeeper 1999
Viper Tashogi 1999
Mercy Point Yaguchi 1999
Secret Agent Man Tokyo Chief 2000
The Outer Limits  Ron Hikida 2000
Dark Angel Theo 2000
Seven Days  Mr. Kim / Dr. Oshima 2000
Smallville  Principal H. James Kwan 2001-2002
Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat  Magistrate (voice) 2001-2002
Big Sound  Photographer 2001
The Lone Gunmen  Business Man 2001
Da Vinci's Inquest Dr. Ken Ozaki 2002
Special Unit 2 Madison 2002
Just Cause  Judge Elkins 2002
InuYasha Hakushin (voice) 2003
Da Vinci's City Hall  Fire Captain Roy Komori 2005-2006
Glass Akira 2005
Stargate SG-1 Mr. Wayne 2005
Andromeda General Burma 2005
The 4400  Agent Park 2005
Criminal Minds  Seattle ASAC 2005
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic (voice) 2006-2007
Intelligence  Detective Ogawa 2006-2007
Black Lagoon Fujiwara / Lieutenant Colonel Matsuda (voice) 2006
Blade: The Series Taka 2006
Masters of Science Fiction Captain Oguchi 2007
Caprica  Cyrus Xander 2009-2010
Reaper Morris 2009
Sanctuary  Ark-Fong Li 2009
Supernatural  Game Show Host 2009
Human Target  Lt. Peale 2010
Fringe  Executor 2010
Tower Prep  Mr. Sato 2010
Chaos  Operative Flowers 2011
True Justice Ichrio Yamazaki 2011
The Secret Circle Calvin Wilson 2011-2012
Delete  Black Ops #3 2012-2013
Blackstone Harold 2012-2014
Emily Owens M.D.  Dr. Nobu Chiba 2012
Fairly Legal  Dale Rence 2012
Continuum Dr. Gibson 2012
Arrow  Dr. Neil Lamb 2012
Almost Human Recollectionist 2013-2014
Emily Owens M.D.  Dr. Balian 2013
Bates Motel Dr. Kurata 2013
The Listener  Supervisor 2013
The Killing Mr. Kwon 2013
The Tomorrow People Corbin 2013
Spooksville  Mr. Moonbeam 2013
The 100 Council Member #3 2014
Backstrom  Judge Hillerman 2015
The Returned  Dr. Hiromoto 2015
iZombie  Lieutenant Suzuki 2015
The Whispers  Team Member 1 Brent 2015
Dark Matter Emperor Ishida Tetsuda 2015
Heroes Reborn  Hachiro Otomo 2015-2016



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