Jennifer Maillet is a digital compositor for Heroes Reborn

General Information

Birth Place



5' 4" (1.63 m)


  • Visual Effects Artist


Jennifer Maillet new she wanted to be a visual effects artist by the age of 7. So from then on she spent her whole life perusing her dream. She went to Wexford school for the arts completed their special series art program. Then graduated and went to Durham college for 3d animation and digital production where she spent 4 years.

After graduating she then took a one year post grad in visual effects for film and television. Before graduating she landed a freelance project called good Satan and shortly after completing that she then got a job at stereotech doing 3d compositing and stereoscopic conversion. She worked there for a year and 9 months then moving to Vancouver to work at image engine and then back to her home. Once back she has worked at many studios in Toronto.


Visual Effects

Title Year
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 2010
Dolphin Tale  2011
Immortals  2011
Dark Matters: Twisted But True 2011-2012
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island  2012
Good Satan 2012
A Dark Truth 2012
Omega 2013
Orphan Black 2013
Elysium 2013
The Husband  2013
Ice Soldiers 2013
Lost Girl  2013-2014
Stage Fright  2014
Vikings 2014
Warehouse 13 2014
Penny Dreadful  2014
The Strain 2014
Debug 2014
Against the Sun 2014
Into the Woods  2014
Heroes Reborn 2015-2016
Ray Donovan  2015
Haven 2015
Last Days in the Desert 2015
Scorpion  2015
12 Monkeys 2015
Dig 2015
Hot Pursuit  2015
The Walking Dead 2015
Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters 2015
Love Is a Four-Letter Word  2015



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