Jimmy Jean-Louis is the actor who portrays The Haitian in Heroes Reborn
Jimmy Jean-Louis

General Information


August 8, 1968

Birth Place

Pétion-Ville, Haiti


5' 11¼" (1.81 m)


Jimmy Jean-Louis led a simple life in a remote village in Haiti until the age of twelve, when he moved to Paris. He has worked in musical theater in Spain, spending three years with a musical theater "La Belle Epoque", and has had a successful career as an international model.

Jimmy moved to Los Angeles in 1998 and immediately started honing his chosen craft by lending his abilities to underground and independent films. That eventually led to him landing a role in Jean Claude Van Damme's "Derailed", which set the stage for subsequent roles with other Hollywood A-listers. He went on to shoot Tears of the sun, Hollywood Homicide, Monster-in-law and The Miracle Match. He played the lead role in The Diary of a tired black man and in Phat Girlz.

Jimmy portrayed the charismatic Rene "the Haitian" in the hit TV show Heroes.

With an international appeal, he's been working in many parts of the world including France, England, Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria...making full use of his ability to speak 5 different languages.



Title Role Year
Emmanuelle Forever 1993
Emmanuelle's Revenge 1993
Emmanuelle in Venice 1993
Emmanuelle's Love 1993
Emmanuelle's Magic Hit Tribesman 1993
Emmanuelle's Perfume 1993
Emmanuelle's Secret  1993
Love, etc.  1996
Blade Sisters  1999
The Bourne Identity  Wombosi Bodyguard (uncredited) 2002
Derailed  Henry 2002
Tears of the Sun  Gideon 2003
Hollywood Homicide  Gianfranco Ferre Clerk 2003
This Girl's Life  Action Jackson 2003
Age of Kali  Ferdinand 2005
The Game of Their Lives  Joe Gaetjens 2005
Monster-in-Law  Prince Amir 2005
Phat Girlz  Dr. Tunde Jonathan 2006
Cousines  Ralph 2006
Le president a-t-il le sida  Dao 2006
Adventures of Power  Aubelin 2008
Angel Blade The Pharoah 2008
Loaded  Antonio 2008
Diary of a Tired Black Man  James 2008
Golden Goal!  Jay Jay Mfede 2008
Orpailleur  Myrtho 2009
Moloch Tropical  2009
Life Outside of Pearl  Cousin Marco 2009
I Sing of a Well  Narrator 2009
Soul Sisters  Tai Ojo 2010
Coursier  Steve Loki 2010
The Penthouse  Buzz McManus 2010
Relentless  Candidate 2010
In America: The Story of the Soul Sisters Tai Ojo 2010
Sinking Sands  Jimah Sanson 2011
A Butterfly Kiss  L'homme au tableau 2011
Doctor Bello  2013
The Mark of the Angels - Miserere  Puyferrat 2013
Five Thirteen  JJL 2013
One Night in Vegas  Nick 2013
419  Bright  2014
Joy Toussaint 2015
The Cursed Ones  Paladin 2015
Everything But a Man Max 2015
A Day Like a Week  Dimitri Fisher 2015
Isolated Victim Dominique Linel 2016
BlackBox: Saturation of the Implication  2017


Title Role Year
Arli$$ Caesar Montenez 2001
The District  Jean-Paul Bertrand 2003
Fastlane Haitian #1 2003
Dr. Vegas  Xola 2005
The Shield Ididsa Okoye 2005
Heroes The Haitian 2006-2010
Toussaint Louverture Toussaint Louverture 2012
Arrow  The Captain 2013
Tatort Kaltstart  2014
Metal Hurlant Chronicles Norman 2014
Extant  Pierre Lyon 2014
Heroes Reborn The Haitian 2015-2016



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