Joanna Glass is the actress who portrays a Female Party Teenager in Episode 3 of Heroes Reborn
Jo Jo Glass

General Information



With an Honours Double-Major BA in Communications and Film Theory, Jo Jo has honed her appreciation for understanding media as both a means of artistic expression and as an important cultural practice. However, it is her unique personal experiences with the arts, the media, and in professional business settings that have shaped Joanna to be a diverse, well-rounded worker.

With a keen aptitude for the arts, Joanna sought professional acting representation at the age of ten, and has been acting ever since under the name, “Jo Jo Glass.”

She is a full union-member of ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), and has appeared in numerous commercials, television shows and movies over the years.

She was submitted for consideration for a Gemini Award nomination for the role of “Caitlin” on Family Biz (2009).



Title Role Year
Ricky's Room  Jackie 1999
M.V.P. Girlfriend 2008
Family Biz Caitlin Lynch-Staunton 2009
The Latest Buzz  Destiny 2010
Heroes Reborn Female Party Teenager 2015



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