Jonathon Cliff is the director of photography for Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters
Jonathon Cliff

General Information


  • Director of Photography


Jonathon Cliff came to cinematography from a background in high-profile stills photography. He continues to draw from a deep well of creative influences in order to create inspired work, immersing constantly in music, literature, painting, acting, philosophy and history. These colorful pastimes are perhaps what make him successful in such an array of different film projects, from big-budget commercials to shoestring indie flicks and short art films in between, all which have taken Jonathon to the most exotic of locales, challenges and interactions. With work experiences that can be just as inspiring as his artistic hobbies, Jonathon finds himself well equipped to direct photography for nearly any type of story.



Title Year
The Wilkinsons 2006
Monkey Warfare 2006
Redacted 2007
Passenger Side  2009
Manson, My Name Is Evil  2009
Trigger  2010
I'm Yours  2011
The Exorcism of Molly Hartley  2015
Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters 2015



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