June 13 - Part One is the episode 7 of Heroes Reborn.  


Noah and Hiro join forces to return to the events of June 13, 2014, that set everything in motion. Mohinder receives a message from Angela Petrelli about Erica's motives. Hachiro moves against Hiro.


On the day of the Odessa summit, Mohinder meets with Angela, who tells him that she had a vision of the coming disaster and the EVOs who can stop it. She told Erica with the hopes of saving everyone, but Erica intends to save only the people she chooses.

Hachiro Otomo traps the Hiro of this time inside Evernow and takes his sword. Meanwhile, Noah and Hiro witness the Noah of this time get taken away by Erica's men.

Angela takes future Noah to Claire, who is in surgery, but they are told that she died in childbirth.

Mohinder gives his book, Escalating Evolution, to Molly before Harris takes him to the site of the bombing, and although Hiro rescues him, he discovers that any attempt to stop the bombing will result in a worse future.

Past Noah is rescued by Caspar Abraham, while future Noah confirms that Claire is dead and says goodbye.

Shortly before the bombing, Phoebe Frady releases a massive cloud of darkness that temporarily neutralizes all of the EVOs' abilities, after Erica threatened to kill Quentin.

Just as the bombs go off Luke and Joanne are separated from their son Dennis.

Hiro takes Angela and Claire's children back to 1999 where they will be safe and have time to grow up; they are named Nathan and Malina and Angela has foreseen that they are the only ones who can save the world from the coming disaster.

Visited by his mother shortly after the bombing, Tommy is informed that "its starting" and says he's ready. His mother calls him Nathan, revealing that Tommy is Claire's son.

Noah sees his future self in the hospital and follows him, as he is about to kill Erica.


  • This episode was originally called "The Day"


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