June 13 - Part Two is episode 8 of Heroes Reborn.  


Erica Kravid puts her plan into motion. Hiro and Angela take on an important mission. Noah has an unexpected reunion with Matt Parkman.


Noah shoots Erica in the leg due to his past self's intervention, and Quentin stumbles upon the scene, pulling Erica out of the way to interrogate her about Phoebe.

When Hiro and Angela are stuck in Odessa in 1999, Angela realizes that Nathan has inherited the Petrelli ability to absorb other powers, taking them from first Claire and now Hiro; she decides the children must be raised separately.

Noah tells his past self about Claire and asks Caspar Abraham to erase his memories. Harris captures past Noah and Caspar, and Matt, now working for Erica, interrogates Noah, but Caspar intervenes before he discovers the location of the children, erasing Noah's memories and overpowering Harris. Matt lets the two go and Caspar leaves Noah in the wreckage with no memory as planned.

Carlos becomes a war hero for the actions of his fellow soldier and love interest Farah, as she leaves for a job far away to hide her powers.

When Hachiro Otomo realizes that Erica is using Hiro's disappearance to name him a co-conspirator in the bombing, he uses his power to bring Katana Girl to life as Miko, a back door into Evernow.

Chasing Hiro's power, Molly and Noah find a much older Hiro with Anne and Nathan, having raised Nathan as his son.

Luke and Joanne find Dennis's body, and Joanne kills an EVO for the first time.

Nathan uses Hiro's power to take Noah to Angela, who warns him of a catastrophe in Odessa beneath a clock-tower at 11:53.

Quentin is reunited with a brainwashed Phoebe.

Nathan sends Noah back to his own time as Harris arrives at their house, and Hiro says goodbye to Nathan, Caspar and Anne to hold off Harris. Caspar takes Nathan's memory of Hiro so that he won't go back.

In the present, Noah finds Quentin still alive and tells him about the twins, but this Quentin is working for Erica and tells her the truth.


  • When Erica walks to the parking garage, a TV is playing Mohinder's video as she rounds the corner. That same shot was used at the end of the previous episode. However, the video on the screen was of a news anchor covering the bombing.
  • Old Angela tells teenage Nathan "You're pretty big for a one-year-old", when in fact he was born that day, a few hours earlier so she should have said something along the lines of - You're pretty big for a newborn.


  • This episode was originally called "As Time Goes By"


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