Justin J. Chambers is a daily rigging electric for Heroes Reborn
Justin J Chambers

General Information


November 18, 1982

Birth Place

Chatham, Ontario, Canada


  • Daily Rigging Electric



Justin J Chambers is a multi award-winning Cinematographer and Producer; his films have played at festivals as prestigious as the Canadian International Film Festival and Cannes. Touted for his natural eye for lighting, Justin has been a major creative force on numerous productions for years. Ethereum Films is the brand under which Justin produces all of his work. Ranging from feature and short-length films, to music videos and commercials.


Camera and Electrical Department

Title Year
Jack and Jill vs. the World  2008
Rookie Blue 2010
Daylight Savings 2010
A Case of Deceit  2011
Lost Girl  2011
Goodbye  2011
Awake 2012
Fist Plus Face 2013
Backlash  2013
Bubble Gum Scented Urinal Cakes 2014
Hannibal  2014
Beauty and the Beast 2014
The Strain  2014
Pixels  2015
Defiance 2015
Minority Report 2015
Heroes Reborn  2015
Damien 2016



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