Keith Raskin is a production manager for Heroes Reborn
Keith Raskin

General Information


  • Production Manager
  • Producer


Unit Production Manager: LA Unit


Keith Raskin is currently working as a freelance producer in the television industry. He has been bouncing between the scripted and non-scripted worlds. He’s been producing game show pilots for GSN, the late night show Dogg After Dark for MTV and soon will be returning for a second season of FX’s half-hour comedy, The League.

Keith Raskin is a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America.


Production Manager 

Title Year
Sherman Oaks 1995
Dog Bites Man  2006
Case Closed 2007
The League 2009-2010
Shredd  2011
Quick Draw 2013-2014
Playing House 2014-2015
Divide & Conquer  2014
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce 2015
Big Time in Hollywood, FL 2015
Heroes Reborn  2015



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