Khalid Klein portrays Evans in Heroes Reborn.  


Toronto based actor Khalid Klein effortlessly captures the attention of audiences both on and off screen. As a child and into his teens, school and other financial instabilities made the quote "you're dreaming kid" a reality which was inescapable. He eventually followed the footsteps of his father and fell into carpentry which led him to begin a business of his own with a partner at the tender age of 18. He graduated from Langstaff Secondary and felt the construction business was not enough; eventually his aspiration to become an actor took over.

Presently Khalid is keeping busy working on several productions and feature films. He takes true interest in characters which push the envelope and require a great deal of work, having said to be a very creatively demanding actor. He strongly believes in education and training and realizes the importance of always being prepared both physically and mentally to create a character.


  • The Deadly Game (2011)
  • Killjoys (TV Series) 
  • Becoming Burlesque (2017)
  • Kin (2018)