Lars Strand is a camera trainee for Heroes Reborn.

General Information


  • Camera Trainee




Camera and Electrical Department 

Title Year
Darknet 2013
Royal Canadian Air Farce 2013
But I'm Chris Jericho! 2013
Ryan Gosling Must Be Stopped  2014
The ABCs of Death 2 2014
The Hazing Secret 2014
Berkshire County  2014
The Cocksure Lads Movie 2014
Best Christmas Party Ever 2014
The Christmas Parade 2014
Royal Canadian Air Farce 2014
Touring T.O. 2014
Heroes Reborn 2015-2016
The Expanse  2015
Beauty and the Beast 2015
UFOs Declassified  2015
Close Encounters 2015
Open Heart 2015
Bark Ranger 2015
Reign  2015
Defiance 2015
The Strain  2015
The Market 2015
Beyond Skyline  2015
Lavender 2016
Bed of the Dead 2016



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