Larysa Kondracki is a director for Heroes Reborn
Larysa Kondracki

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Larysa Kondracki studied English and theater at McGill University. She received an M.F.A. in film direction from Columbia University and directed the short film VIKO (2008) which played mainly at film festivals to widespread acclaim. The WHISTLEBLOWER is her first feature directorial film.

Larysa is currently based in Los Angeles and has written feature projects for Focus Features, HBO Films, Participant Media, and Showtime Entertainment, as well as many others. She has numerous projects in development.



Title Year
The Whistleblower  2010
Copper  2012-2013
Rogue 2013-2014
Covert Affairs  2013-2014
Halt and Catch Fire  2014-2015
Graceland 2014
The Divide  2014
Heroes Reborn 2015-2016
Reign 2015
The Walking Dead  2015
Better Call Saul  2015
The Americans 2015



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