Nazneen Contractor is the actress who portrays Farah Nazan in Heroes Reborn

General Information


August 26, 1982

Birth Place

Mumbai, India


5' 4" (1.63 m)


Born in Mumbai, India and raised in Nigeria, Africa until the age of 7, Nazneen was well versed in world travels and a variety cultures at a very young age. She attended boarding school in London from seven to nine years old, then her family moved to Toronto, Canada where she spent the majority of her childhood and young adulthood.

In Toronto, Nazneen excelled in academics and trained as a classical ballerina. She attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts, a specialized public arts high school where she not only danced but studied theater as well. At the age of 16, after nearly 10 years of dance Nazneen realized she wanted to pursue acting seriously. Upon graduating from high school she accepted a full scholarship to the University of Toronto, where she pursued a masters in theatre and a double major in psychology and sociology. After one year at University, Nazneen went to an open call audition for the play Pericles at the prestigious, world-renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival [Ontario, Canada], and landed the lead role. She received rave reviews for her work in the 92 shows performed, the play was voted the #1 production of the year by Canadian critics, in 2002.

Nazneen was offered the opportunity to enroll in Stratford's conservatory program, where a select eight men and four women are accepted for a 20-week crash course on classical theater, which she eagerly took. Nazneen was guaranteed a spot in the next season of plays, and landed the role of Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream. By the third season with the company, she wanted to pursue film and television.

In 2005 she booked a role in a FOX pilot by Anthony Hines [Borat, Bruno, The Dictator]. The role was intense, leaving the actors in character for eight to nine hours a day in front of an audience, and was a precursor to the style of film that Borat would be, just one year later. When the pilot did not get picked up, Nazneen decided to go back to school and finish her education. While securing her degrees, she booked "The Border," a Canadian drama for CBC. Once the show wrapped, Nazneen made the move to Los Angeles.

In 2009, Nazneen booked the role of Kayla Hassan, in 21 episodes of the hit FOX series 24. As President Omar Hassan and Dalia Hassan's daughter. While in production on 24 Nazneen also booked a recurring role on CBS' Rules of Engagement.

When not working, Nazneen is an avid runner and yogi. She loves to travel the world, and her preferred method of transportation while in other countries is by motorcycle. She was also born into the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism, and is one of the 150,000 Parsis in the world. Philanthropy is a huge priority for Contractor, she is a strong supporter of the organization Second Harvest to feed the homeless, and Look Good Feel Better, supporting women with cancer.



Title Role Year
The Matthew Shepard Story Shima 2002
We R Friends  2006
The Papdits  Sita Papdit 2006
Othello the Tragedy of the Moor Bianca 2008
Love Letters Melissa 2010
Seance: The Summoning  Eva 2011
Pegasus Vs. Chimera  Princess Philony 2012
Star Trek Into Darkness  Rima Harewood 2013
Parts Per Billion  Justine Prest 2014
The 46 Percenters Kiri 2015
Party Pieces  Suki 2015


Title Role Year
Starhunter Ire 2000
Relic Hunter  Princess Alia 2001
Street Time Jasmine 2002-2003
The Border Sergeant Layla Hourani 2008
Rules of Engagement Suneetha 2010
24 Kayla Hassan 2010
Lone Star  Sarah 2010
The Paul Reiser Show Kuma D'Bu 2011
XIII: The Series Elsy 2012
Last Resort  Reena Kapur 2012
Revenge Jess 2013-2014
Bones  Sari Nazeri 2014
Person of Interest  Maria Martinez 2014
Covert Affairs Sydney 2014
Scorpion  Sima 2015
Castle Layla Nasif 2015
Stalker Adele Marshall 2015
Heroes Reborn Farah Nazan 2015-2016



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