Ola Sturik portrays a newscaster in Heroes Reborn.  


Ola Sturik is a television reporter and actress. She worked at The Weather Network for several years, as well as an entertainment reporter for Global TV, and has travelled to New York City and Los Angeles to interview celebrities. She has been to the Canadian Arctic, and slept in an igloo, encountering −50 °C temperatures. She has hosted the Canadian Travel Show, and went sea kayaking, heli hiking, ice climbing, and rappelling. She lived and grew up in the Toronto area, and has appeared on television many times as an actor, often playing a reporter.


  • Forever Knight (TV Series) 
  • Terminal Justice (1996)
  • Total Recall 2070 (TV Series) 
  • Queer as Folk (TV Series) 
  • The Border (TV Series) 
  • Flashpoint (TV Series)
  • The Firm (TV Series) 
  • Nikita (TV Series) 
  • Beauty and the Beast (TV Series)