Owen Granich-Young is a sound designer for Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters
Owen Granich-Young

General Information

Birth Place

Berkeley, California


Sound Designer


Owen Granich-Young has a degree in sound for film from Hampshire College. Shortly after graduating he spent a year as lead sound engineer for Rien que la Verite, a television show about HIV/AIDS awareness which shot and posted on location in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His recent work has been a festival winner at Brooklyn International Film Festival, First Glance Film Festival, the GI Film Festival, and the NYLA International Film Festival. He won the "Best Sound in a Feature or Featurette" award for his work on The Bunglers at the 2013 Idyllwild CinemaFest.


Sound Department

Title Year
The Nightingale Princess 2006
The Unidentified  2008
Rien que la vérité 2008
You're Next  2011
V/H/S  2012
Wrecked 2012
V/H/S/2 2013
Usagi-san  2013
Constantine  2014
Muck 2015
Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters  2015
Minority Report 2015



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