Patrick Thomas Hagarty is an assistant director for Heroes Reborn
Patrick Hagarty

General Information


November 25, 1974

Birth Place

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


6' 2" (1.88 m)


  • Assistant Director

Episodes Directed

Second assistant director: second unit


Patrick Hagarty was raised by a single mother during the week, and a movie theater on the weekend. At the age of six, he directed faithful basement reenactments of The Empire Strikes Back. In high school he cut together animated rock videos on an edit station fashioned from two VCRs, a tape deck, and every TV in the house. In college, with a Bolex slung over his shoulder, Patrick made dreamy, Lynchian art-films that even he barely understands.

After graduating from Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Patrick made a second home for himself on Toronto film sets. He has worked as an Actor, Editor, Field Producer, Location Scout, French Translator, Lecturer - but predominantly as an Assistant Director.

Patrick graduated with honors from The Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. He majored in both Fine Art and Film. In his third year Patrick studied painting abroad in Florence, Italy. Patrick is an accomplished painter. He has exhibited and sold work internationally.

In 2004 Patrick completed the short film 'Tracks', his professional directorial debut. In 2005, Patrick founded Torch-Head Productions. The company's first project was Doug Karr's BravoFact short Ten for Grandpa. It premiered at Sundance 2009 and went on to show at over 40 festivals internationally.

Patrick's follow up to Tracks, the dark comedy short 'Dave vs Death' enjoyed a very successful festival and awards run in 2012. Patrick was awarded a second BravoFACT grant in 2012 for the The Golden Ticket.


Assistant Director

Title Year
Run the Wild Fields 2000
Thomas and the Magic Railroad  2000
Bait 2000
Cinderella Man 2005
Land of the Dead  2005
Get Rich or Die Tryin' 2005
The Poet 2007
The Gathering 2007
Jumper  2008
Camille 2008
The Rocker 2008
Fringe  2008
Sold  2008
My Pal Satan  2009
Eaten Alive 2009
Howie Do It  2009
At Home by Myself... with You 2009
Curious and Unusual Deaths  2009
The Shrine 2010
You Are Here 2010
Microwave Porn  2010
Kenny vs. Spenny  2010
Breakout Kings  2011
The Kennedys 2011
Collaborator 2011
Breakaway  2011
The Thing 2011
Oka!  2011
Stay with Me 2011
Red Lights 2012
Margarita 2012
Still Mine 2012
Nikita 2012-2013
Played 2013
Hannibal  2014
Suits 2015
Man Seeking Woman 2015
Dark Matter  2015
Heroes Reborn  2015
Drawing Home 2015



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