Phi Huynh is the stunt actor who portrays a Yamagata Guard in Heroes Reborn
Phi Huynh

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5' 10" (1.78 m)


  • Actor
  • Stunt Performer


Stunt Performer


  • Odessa
  • Under the Mask


Phi Huynh is a represented actor, action performer and dancer based out of Canada. Having taken up the sport of traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate and Judo at age 12 and enrolled in Karate, he developed a passion for performance after being selected at 14 to be a part of a prestigious Vietnamese Theatrical DVD series, Asia Entertainment. Shortly after his first debut on a professional stage set, he developed and continued training acting for film and television.

Phi graduated from York University with a Bachelor's degree in Theater performance arts in 2011. Since then he has been in various commercials, television series, short films, web series and feature films aired across North America.

Some of his more recent television appearances became favorable series with high ratings, The Next Step S3(Family), Paranormal Witness S2 Finale: Hollywood Haunting (SYFY), Panic Button (MTV/SPACE) and 2014's Hardcore Heroes: Warriors battling on the frontier (HISTORY) and will be playing a small stunt acting role on the upcoming series, Heroes Reborn).  

Phi is no stranger when it comes to conducting his own action and stunts. He is the founder of X Limit Entertainment, a multi-threat entertainment company that puts on live theatrical acrobatic dance numbers as well as live action shows in Northern America. He's known for fight coordinating big shows such as The Expendables 3: Live Action Show by eOne Films this past summer of 2014 entertaining 1.6 million people at the Taste of Danforth. He recently just performed in New York presenting the "Marvel Vs Capcom Live Action Show" with his team and will be coming back to this year's 2015 Taste of Danforth with a new live action show hired by FOX, HITMAN: AGENT 47 live action show.



Title Role Year
Asia 45: My Nhan Ngu  Soldier 2006
Total Recall  Street Vendor / Passerby  2012
Sick: Survive the Night  Infected Zombie 2012
The Dark Side: Rise of Darkness Katana 2012
Pacific Rim  Mechanic (uncredited) 2013
The Last King  Tao 2015
The Friday Night Death Slot  Elliot 2015
11 Blocks  Faceless Knife Fighter 2015
The Plagued  Edward Tran 2015


Title Role Year
Instant Cash Mall Contestant 2011 2011
Warehouse 13  Marine 2012
Paranormal Witness  Alain 2012
Resist666 Raven 2012
Hardcore Heroes Lang (Primary Response Unit) Soldier 2014
UFOs Declassified  JAL Co-Pilot 2015
The Next Step  Vietnamese Dance Coach 2015
Heroes Reborn Yamagata Guard 2015


Title Year
Resist666 2012
Sick: Survive the Night  2012
The Last King 2015
Heroes Reborn  2015
The Plagued 2015



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