Pruitt Taylor Vince is the actor who portrays Caspar Abraham in Heroes Reborn
Pruitt Taylor Vince

General Information


July 5, 1960

Birth Place

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


5' 9" (1.75 m)


Pruitt Taylor Vince attended Louisiana State University and began acting due to a mistake; a computer error in his high school registration scheduled him in an acting class.

Pruitt made his film debut in Jim Jarmusch's Down by Law, but his scenes wound up on the cutting room floor. He had prominent supporting roles in a number of major films, including a turn as a dimwitted Ku Klux Klan member in Mississippi Burning, Lee Bowers in JFK, and the main character's best friend in Nobody's Fool. He also starred in Giuseppe Tornatore's Legend of 1900 alongside Tim Roth. He had his first lead role in James Mangold's independent film Heavy, playing a sweet, silent overweight cook harboring a crush on a waitress (Liv Tyler).

Pruitt often alternates roles of both heroic and villainous characters, like a lovable small town pub owner in Beautiful Girls, a serial killer with multiple personalities in Identity (a second collaboration with director Mangold), the disheveled gossip columnist in s1mone, and a pompous sheriff in Nurse Betty. He can also be seen in Love from Ground Zero as Walter. Vince also played a Southern cop in Angel Heart, a kidnapper's assistant in Trapped, and a deputy prison warden in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers.

Other film titles include the neo-noir China Moon and the psychological horror film Jacob's Ladder.

Guest appearances on TV shows include DeadwoodAliasThe X-FilesMiami ViceQuantum LeapChicago HopeCSI: Crime Scene InvestigationHouse M.D.Highlander: The Series, and the American remake of Touching Evil. In 2011 he appeared as Otis in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. He also had a guest role playing a 600-lb. patient in Fox's medical drama House. In 2010–2011 Pruitt had a multi-episode appearance in The Mentalist. In 2012, he appeared in a full episode of Justified. He shows great comedic talent as "Jelly" in Flypaper.



Title Role Year
Down by Law (scenes deleted) 1986
Angel Heart Det. Deimos 1987
Shy People  Paul 1987
Barfly Joe 1987
Red Heat  Night Clerk 1988
Mississippi Burning  Lester Cowens 1988
K-9  Benny the Mule 1989
I Know My First Name Is Steven  Irving Murphy 1989
Homer and Eddie  Cashier 1989
Wild at Heart  Buddy 1990
Fear  Shadow Man 1990
Come See the Paradise  Augie Farrell 1990
Jacob's Ladder  Paul 1990
Sweet Poison Coyle 1991
Dead in the Water Lou Rescetti 1991
JFK  Lee Bowers 1991
Till Death Us Do Part  Michael Brockington 1992
China Moon  Daryl Jeeters 1994
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold  Bud 1994
Natural Born Killers  Deputy Warden Kavanaugh 1994
Nobody's Fool  Rub Squeers 1994
Heavy  Victor Modino 1995
Under the Hula Moon  Bob 1995
Beautiful Girls  Stanley 'Stinky' Womack 1996
The Cottonwood  Mark Salli 1996
Night Sins  Olie Swain 1997
Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer Clifford Banks 1997
The End of Violence  Frank Cray 1997
The Break  Scott 1997
Cold Around the Heart  Johnny 'Cokebottles' Costello 1997
Doctor Dolittle  Patient at Hammersmith (uncredited) 1998
Love from Ground Zero  Walter 1998
The Legend of 1900  Max Tooney 1998
Mumford  Henry Follett 1999
Nurse Betty  Ballard 2000
The Cell  Dr. Reid 2000
13 Moons  Owen 2002
Rebellion  Vito 2002
S1m0ne  Max Sayer 2002
Trapped  Marvin 2002
Identity  Malcolm Rivers 2003
L.A. Confidential  Sid Hudgens 2003
Monster  Gene / Stuttering "John" 2003
Constantine  Father Hennessy 2005
Drop Dead Sexy  Spider 2005
When a Man Falls  Travis 2007
Captivity  Ben Dexter 2007
The Echo  Joseph 2008
The Smell of Success  Cleveland Clod 2009
In the Electric Mist Lou Girard 2009
Don McKay  Mel 2009
Leaves of Grass  Big Joe Sharpe 2009
Flypaper  Jelly 2011
Cameraman  Jerry 2011
Drive Angry  Roy 2011
On the Inside  Ben Marshal 2011
Butter  Ned Eaten 2011
Creature  Grover 2011
Mysterious Island  Gideon Spilett 2012
Bending the Rules  Happy 2012
Brake  Driver / Boss Terrorist (voice) 2012
Dark Tourist  Carl Marznap 2012
Beautiful Creatures  Mr. Lee 2013
Broken Blood  Earl Wayne 2013
Homefront  Werks 2013
13 Sins Vogler 2014
59 Seconds Robert 2014


Title Role Year
Miami Vice  Cruz 1988
In the Heat of the Night Leonard Grissom 1990
Quantum Leap Hank Pilcher 1992
Sisters Joe Abruzzia 1993
Chicago Hope  Walter Platt 1995
The Marshal Two-Cats 1995
Highlander Mikey 1995
The X-Files  Gerry Schnauz 1996
Murder One  Clifford Banks 1997
Gideon's Crossing James Tooley 2001
Thieves Roy Lichter 2001
The Handler  Sergei / Ray 2003
Alias Campbell / Schapker 2003
Touching Evil Cyril Kemp 2004
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  Marty Gleason 2004
Deadwood Mose Manuel 2005-2006
House M.D. George 2006
Canterbury's Law Louis Minot 2008
Medium  Peter Winant 2009
The Mentalist  J.J. LaRoche 2010-2014
Infamous The Patriarch 2010
Memphis Beat Martin Matthews 2010
The Cape Goggles 2011
The Walking Dead  Otis 2011
Justified  Glen Fogle 2012
Bones  Haze Jackson 2012
Hawaii Five-0  Richard Branch 2012
True Blood  Finn 2013
Those Who Kill Ricky Isles 2014
Heroes Reborn Caspar Abraham 2015



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