Ren Shimosawa is a main character in Heroes Reborn. He is portrayed by Toru Uchikado.  


Ren is quirky and very interesting.

Brave New World

Ren finds Miko Otomo's address as part of a code for the computer game Evernow. Ren notices the resemblance between Miko and an unavailable character called Katana Girl, from the game.


Ren finds the game Evernow running on Miko's computer and teams up with her to rescue her father.

Under the Mask

When Miko is captured by a man named Harris, she chops off his hand and escapes with Ren, while Harris's hand generates a clone of himself.

The Needs of the Many

Ren posts to his many followers. He and Miko travel from Tokyo to Colorado.

The Lion's Den

Ren gathers a group of Evernow fans to cosplay as Katana girl at Renautas so that Miko can enter the building undetected.

Game Over

Miko and Ren return to Evernow to save the "Master of Time and Space". They learn that Miko is only a program that will disappear when Hiro is rescued and the game ends.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

11:53 to Odessa

Ren looks for Miko. Hachiro gives Ren a key to Gateway and tells him to come to the future.

Company Woman

Ren enters Gateway and meets Emily Duval. Ren and Emily access the core using the necklace Hachiro gave Ren, just in time to hear Hachiro say he imprisoned Tommy Clark.

Project Reborn

Emily and Ren search for Miko. Ren and Emily awaken Hachiro and the real Miko. Hachiro sends Ren into Evernow, where he reunites with Katana Girl to save Tommy. Three months later, Miko and Ren spar together.