Renautas is a tech conglomerate 
Renautas logo


Renautas is a highly successful group of tech companies.


"Doing good is good business"


36888 Gateway Circle, Colorado


Root Directory

  • Elysian Tower 
  • Gateway
  • Midian
  • Primatech
    • Building 26
    • Coyote Sands
    • EVO Directory
    • Evolved Human Abilities
    • Evolved Human Genome Sequence
    • Genetic Modification Formula
    • Hartsdale
    • Kirby Plaza
    • Linderman Group
    • Mendez Paintings
    • Monroe
    • Noah Bennet
    • Odessa
    • Personnel
    • Pinehearst Company
    • Shanti Virus
    • Sullivan
    • Suresh Research
    • Suresh Research cont.
    • Sylar
    • Walker System
    • Yamagato Industries
  • Project E.P.I.C
  • Project El Dorado
  • Project Gemini
  • Project Tempus


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