Russ De Jong is a steadicam operator for Heroes Reborn
Russ De Jong

General Information


October 22


  • Steadicam Operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Crane Operator



Russ De Jong has a diverse background in television and film with over 15 years in the industry and an impressive client list (Pizza Pizza, Mc Donalds, Pepsi, Warner Bros, Sony, Coors Light, Rogers, Bill Gates, Netflix, HGTV, SLICE TV, CTV, CBC, NHL and The Discovery Channel to name a few).


Camera and Electrical Department 

Title Year
88 2014
Close Encounters 2015
Two Countries 2015
Papa 2015
Heroes Reborn 2015
The Lockpicker 2015
Full Out 2015
Dead Rivalry 2015
Country Crush  2015
Lavender  2016
Baroness Von Sketch Show 2016



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