Sebastian MacLean portrays a security guard in Heroes Reborn.  



Sebastian MacLean grew up and first began acting on Canada's east coast in the province of New Brunswick. Before returning to perform in Toronto, Sebastian was mentored by the late Academy Award winning producer, William Vince, on two films he produced near the east coast city of Fredericton. Taking the advice of his mentor, Sebastian began looking at developing some of his own material by delving more deeply into acting, writing and producing. Sebastian is best known for his appearances on many internationally popular fictional TV series and for his work on both sides of the camera in the documentary film Facing Goliath (2006).


  • Coo Coo Cafe (2000)
  • Natural Remedy (2001)
  • U (2003)
  • Open Heart (2004)
  • Canada Russia '72 (TV Series) 
  • Black Eyed Dog (2006)
  • The Backup Man (2007)
  • Reign (TV Series) 
  • Gangland Undercover (TV Series) 
  • Between (TV Series) 
  • The Girlfriend Experience (TV Series) 
  • In Contempt (TV Series) 
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2018)