Send in the Clones is episode 11 of Heroes Reborn.  


Following Noah's mysterious disappearance, Luke and Malina unite to rescue Tommy and save mankind. At the mysterious Sunstone Manor, Carlos and Farah fight alongside The Haitian to take down Matt Parkman and free the prisoners under his control. Meanwhile, Tommy and Miko join forces against Erica and her brutal plan for the future. 


The planet is changing, no matter how we deny it. So the question arises, how do we ensure our survival in the dark days? Destiny, while marching ever in our direction, can be rerouted by the choices we make. Who will live? Who will die? And who among us will inherit this brave new world?


Rene, Carlos, Taylor and Farah barricade themselves in Sunstone Manor to hide from the Harris'. Rene and Taylor confront Matt about his motives and reveal that he and his family aren't going to the future as promised. Matt overpowers Rene and sends him away while kidnapping Taylor to force Erica to keep her word. Along the way, its revealed that Taylor is pregnant.

Carlos and Farah free the prisoners in the manor and prepare them for battle. With the help of Jose, Carlos rescues Micah, but not before his friend Father Mauricio is killed.

In the future, Tommy speaks with Miko who realizes that she has to stop Harris after reading a copy of "9th Wonders!". Tommy sends her to the past and is shown a way to transport everyone to the future when the time comes. However, Erica later realizes he's playing both sides.

Luke and Malina are ambushed by two Harris clones, Quentin and Phoebe, but they defeat Harris and capture the siblings.

At Sunstone Manor, Miko holds off the army of Harris clones before facing the real Harris. Miko kills Harris, destroying his clones before she fades from existence.

Micah explains the magnitude of the threat the world is facing to Carlos, Farah and Jose and then makes a broadcast to the world where he exposes Erica's lies and proves Mohinder's innocence. Micah calls upon everyone to stand together and save the world.

As everyone makes their way to Odessa, Erica meets with Joanne Collins and assigns her to find and kill Malina while the sun releases the first of the predicted solar flares.


  • This episode was originally called "Hero Truther"


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