Sundae, Bloody Sundae is episode 9 of Heroes Reborn.  


Noah Bennet seeks out Tommy Clark in order to put him on the path to stop a catastrophic event. Taylor Kravid's discoveries lead to her capture. Erica Kravid's race to finalize her plans intensifies.


Time was designed to move in one direction - ever forward, allowing our lives to be a series of choices, threaded one after another. These choices define who we are, whether it is to protect the family we cherish, the truth we know and the memories we hold on to, the past that we cannot leave behind, or the search for the answers to our own private mysteries. But meddle with the laws of time, twist it, bend it and even the smallest of butterflies can alter history itself, turn friend into foe, causing the most unexpected of consequences and the greatest tidal wave of change.


Anne Clark tells Tommy that he has Hiro Nakamura's abilities and Noah shares Nathan's history, but Tommy finds it difficult to believe.

Luke Collins struggles to come to terms with Malina's idea of fate and opens up to her about his son.

Captain James Dearing smuggles Carlos Gutierrez into Sunstone Manor.

Taylor meets with René, who wants to rescue Micah Sanders from Renautas.

Caspar Abraham tries to save Emily and is killed by Joanne. Luke and Malina arrive and Tommy stops time, letting him save Emily. Harris picks up Joanne after she runs away from Moe's.

When Carlos finds José talking to a hallucination of his father and doesn't recognize Carlos, getting Carlos captured. James is caught and led to kill himself and Carlos meets the director of the facility, Matt Parkman. Matt learns that Carlos knows Farah Nazan.

Tommy is captured by Quentin and Phoebe and taken to Erica.

When Noah goes to say farewell to Caspar, he finds Malina.

Miko wakes up 7957 years in the future in a barren desert, with a city visible in the distance.


No matter the unforeseeable consequences of our actions, when all seems lost and the future remains uncertain, we take solace in the knowledge that the sun will rise again and what is destined will remain.


  • When Joanne has a gun on Tommy and Emily in the ice cream shop, Emily jumps around in the shop. Sometimes behind Tommy, sometimes behind Joanne.


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