Teresa Young is a makeup artist for Heroes Reborn
Teresa Young

General Information


  • Makeup Artist


Daily makeup artist


Teresa Young is a hair and makeup artist in the Greater Toronto Area. She specializes in all different types of makeup including special effects.

Teresa believes that all makeup applications should enhance an individual's natural beauty and loves to work with all different skin types and ethnicities. Teresa enjoys making women feel beautiful whether it being their big wedding day or going out to a special event. There is nothing more rewarding then helping someone get ready for their big event and making them happy.


Makeup Department

Title Year
The Master 2014
Purple Squirrels 2014
The Gift  2014
The Strain 2015
The Expanse 2015
Beauty and the Beast  2015
Haphead 2015
Love, the Invention 2015
Defiance  2015
Heroes Reborn 2015
Spotlight  2015
Death & Life  2015
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2  2015
Damien  2016
Suicide Squad 2016



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