The Needs of the Many is episode 4 of Heroes Reborn.  


Noah searches for answers. Miko travels the world in hopes of finding her sword. Tommy must use his ability to save a life. Luke faces surprising obstacles in his relationship with Joanne.


How do we find our true purpose? Is it something we're born with, written into our genetic code? Or is it something we must learn over time? A growing awareness derived from life's joys and sorrows. From our loves, our losses, our achievements and our suffering.


When Tommy and Anne Clark end up in a car crash, Tommy teleports her to a hospital before passing out.

Noah and Quentin Frady look for a way into the Renautas building, and use Taylor Kravid's frustration with her mother Erica's lies to gain her help.

Malina and her invisible companion, Farah Nazan, leave the Arctic Circle, and Malina shows an ability to bring plants and animals to life.

When Luke reveals his powers to Joanne and burns the list of EVOs, she walks away from what is left of their marriage.

Tommy takes a blood test to see if he can give a transfusion to his mother, bringing federal agents after him.

Carlos's nephew Jose Gutierrez and friend Father Mauricio are kidnapped.

In Renautas, Noah finds Molly Walker and a room full of EVOs hooked up to machines; Molly takes his gun and shoots herself in the head.


We all have a unique purpose, and try as we might, we cannot run from it. Will we be able to stay true to who we are, or will we succumb to the pressure of destiny and become something else entirely? Something inhuman? 


  • The location of "The Arctic Circle, 66° 34' N" could be anywhere along that circle of latitude.
  • When Tommy and Emily are stopped from teleporting by the agents, Tommy is reaching for Emily with his left hand while holding his right near his chest. After Agent Cole Cutler flashes his badge, Tommy is holding his left hand over his chest in the closeup.


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