Ting Fang Liu is a makeup artist for Heroes Reborn

General Information


  • Makeup Artist



Ting-Fang Liu is a professional hair and makeup artist as well as professional fashion and accessory designer. She studied makeup and hair at University of The Arts London in London, England. Also she studied special effects makeup at Complections International in Toronto, Canada. Since 1998, Ms. Liu has been working as a professional fashion and accessory designer in Taiwan and since 2001, she has been working as a professional makeup artist in Taiwan, England, and Canada. Now, she is working in the Greater Toronto area.

She has worked with many photographers and models. Her work has appeared in numerous runway show, music videos and Television Network.


Makeup Department

Title Year
Air Emergency 2005
F2: Forensic Factor 2005-2010
On the Run 2005
First Comes Love 2006
Blueprint for Disaster 2006
Warriors of Terra  2006
Troubled Waters 2006
Dead Mary  2007
The Mad  2007
A Cure for Terminal Loneliness 2007
Final Draft  2007
All the Good Ones Are Married 2007
The Answer Key 2007
The Devil's Mercy 2008
Never Forget  2008
The Last Hit Man 2008
Air India 182 2008
Just Business  2008
Grindstone Road  2008
Vampire Apocalypse  2008
Time Bomb 2008
Glitch 2008
Cyborg Soldier  2008
Hooked on Speedman 2008
Convoy: War for the Atlantic 2009
Forbidden Science 2009
Dancing in the Flames  2009
Death Warrior 2009
Lingerie 2009-2010
Walking the Dead 2010
The Entitled  2011
Man on the Train 2011
The Egyptian Job  2011
Whiskey Business 2012
I'll Follow You Down 2013
Annedroids  2014
Meet the Family  2014-2015
Defiance  2015
The Girlfriend Experience 2015
Heroes Reborn  2015
Beauty and the Beast 2016
Suicide Squad  2016



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