Toby Proctor is an actor who portrays Norris in Heroes Reborn
Toby Proctor

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Toby Proctor is an actor and cinematographer, known for Police Academy: The Series (1997), Highwaymen (2004) and Ranma ½ (1989).



Title Role Year
To Catch a Killer Michael Kozenczak 1992
Gregory K  Russ Child #1 1993
The Man in the Attic Karl 1995
Shadow Builder  Harvey Price 1998
White Lies Chip 1998
Dash and Lilly  Flower Delivery Boy 1999
In Too Deep  Red-Haired Cadet 1999
Daydream Believers: The Monkees' Story Auditioner #1 2000
Jewel Gene 2001
Feast of All Saints  Henri Delande 2001
Danger Beneath the Sea  Seaman 2001
Do or Die Citizone Cop 2003
Jasper, Texas Sean Berry 2003
Highwaymen  Rookie 2004
The Skulls III  Sam Brooks 2004
Childstar  Wade Keeler - 1st A.D. 2004
The Man  Cavity Search Guard 2005
Dawgs Playing Poker  Bouncer 2008


Title Role Year
T and T Ben / Nick 1988
Ranma ½  Copycat Ken 1989
Ranma ½: Nettô-hen  Copycat Ken 1990
By Way of the Stars Franz 1992
Beyond Reality  Bobby 1993
The Mighty Jungle Wayne 1994
Sailor Moon Darien / Tuxedo Mask (voice) 1995
Avonlea Morgan Pettibone 1996
Flash Gordon  Alex 'Flash' Gordon (voice) 1996
Police Academy: The Series Dirk Tackleberry 1997-1998
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend  Soldier #2 (voice) 1998
Animorphs Scottie 1999
Power Stone (voice) 1999
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend  Telemachus (voice) 1999
Blue Murder  Roomate 2001
Earth: Final Conflict Blake 2001
Wild Card Video Guy 2003
Show Me Yours Joe 2004
Turbo Dogs (voice) 2010-2011
The Bridge  Ross 2010
The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Games (voice) 2011
XIII: The Series Police Officer #2 2011
Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild  Willie (voice) 2011
Nikita FBI Medic 2013
Lost Girl Pike 2013
Alien Mysteries Sergeant Penniston 2013
Reign Farmer 2014
Heroes Reborn Norris 2015



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