Tommy Chang is the fight coordinator for Heroes Reborn
Tommy Chang

General Information


February 19, 1966

Birth Place

Kyong Ki Do, South Korea


5' 9" (1.75 m)


  • Fight Coordinator
  • Stunt Performer
  • Stunt Player
  • Actor



Tommy Chang is a Korean-Canadian world-renowned 7th degree Taekwondo and 8th Degree Hapkido instructor and Grandmaster, actor, stunt performer, stunt coordinator and producer. With over 40 years of training and experience in Taekwondo and Hapkido, Master Chang also trained extensively in ITF/WTF TKD, Moo Duk Kwan, and Judo. He is also an 8th Degree Black Belt in Hap Ki-Do, specializing in pressure points, take-downs and grappling. His martial arts expertise also encompasses mastery of several weapons. In addition, he is a WTF-certified Master Instructor of Taekwondo and a Canadian National Referee.

He is also the founder, manager and team leader of ReelStunts Film/Television Action Stunt Team. Additionally, he also personally trained several members of his stunt team which specializes in Martial Arts, High Falls, Stunt Driving, Fireburns, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Breakdancing, Weapons Training, Motion Capture Acting, Wirework, and Acting. His stunt team includes the personalities of Simon Kim, James Kim, Joe Eigo, Emerson Wong, Allen Keng and Tonya Henry. Some of the noteworthy accomplishments of this team include having worked with Steven Seagal, Chow Yun-fat, David Carradine, Seth Rogan, James Franco, Charlie Hunnam, Vin Diesel, and Jackie Chan.

He is well known for being risk-taking in the performance of his stunts. An example of his daredevilry is seen in his stunt execution for a television show called Side Factor. After performing multiple takes of propulsion into the air via an air ram, Master Chang wound up with a compound fracture.

He completed a major motion picture as fight choreographer in 2012 on a block buster Hollywood film called Pacific Rim. In 2013 he has produced a full feature movie as Associate Producer called the Hacker with his good friend Sanzhar Sultanov. He also executive produced a short feature film called the Proposal. He is also in the feature films Robocop and The Interview.



Title Year
Kay O'Brien  1986
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 1992
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues  1993-1997
Due South 1994
Johnny Mnemonic  1995
Jungleground 1995
Gang in Blue 1996
F/X: The Series 1996
Undue Influence 1996
Once a Thief  1996
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal 1996
Mistrial  1996
La Femme Nikita  1997
Bad Day on the Block  1997
Earth: Final Conflict 1997
Blues Brothers 2000 1998
White Lies  1998
My Date with the President's Daughter 1998
The Big Hit 1998
Woo  1998
Airborne 1998
Family of Cops III: Under Suspicion 1999
The Corruptor  1999
Traders 1999
Last to Surrender  1999
Amazon 1999
X-Men 2000
Code Name: Eternity 2000
Turn It Up  2000
The Caveman's Valentine 2001
Get Over It 2001
Exit Wounds 2001
True Blue 2001
Relic Hunter 2001-2002
Superbob 2002
Street Time 2002
The Tuxedo  2002
Christmas Rush 2002
Veritas: The Quest  2003-2004
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye 2003-2004
The In-Laws  2003
Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story 2004
LazyTown 2004-2007
Dawn of the Dead  2004
The Day After Tomorrow  2004
The Pacifier  2005
Land of the Dead 2005
The Man 2005
Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil 2006
16 Blocks 2006
Zoom 2006
Hairspray  2007
Fuku 2007
Diary of the Dead 2007
American Pie Presents Beta House 2007
Max Payne 2008
LazyTown Extra  2008
Warehouse 13  2009-2011
The Line 2009
Survival of the Dead  2009
Resident Evil: Afterlife 2010
Nikita  2010
Covert Affairs  2011
XIII: The Series  2012
Pacific Rim 2013
Beauty and the Beast 2013
Carrie 2013
The Proposal  2013
RoboCop 2014
How to Build a Better Boy  2014
Transporter: The Series 2014
The Interview 2014
Hannibal 2014-2015
The Expanse 2015
Dana  2015
Dark Matter 2015
Heroes Reborn  2015
Hacker 2015



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