Trevor Hayes is the actor who portrays Bob Berman in Heroes Reborn
Trevor Hayes

General Information



Trevor Hayes is known for his work on The Dark Hours (2005), The Wild Hunt (2009) and I'm Not There. (2007).



Title Role Year
The Aviator Chef (uncredited) 2004
The Dark Hours  Doctor 2005
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas  Stephen 2005
One Dead Indian OPP Police Officer #3 2006
A Life Interrupted  Mike Yost 2007
I'm Not There.  Sydney 2007
Still Life  Anchorman 2007
Who Is KK Downey?  Saul Reubenspleen 2008
40 Is the New 20  Speed Dating Participant #2 2009
The Wild Hunt  Shaman Murtagh 2009
The Trotsky  Stage Hand 2009
Lick  The Boss 2010
I Heart Doomsday  Vandal 2010
Die  Forensic Officer 2010
Nazareth: Special Features  Shelly Broadhead Jr. 2010
Funkytown  Normand 2011
The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom  Ken Kowalski 2011
Stealing Paradise  Mason Cavanaugh 2011
Sur le rythme  Billy Hollinger 2011
Penthouse North  Danny 2013
An Eye for Beauty  professeur de Toronto 2014
What We Have  Robert 2014
Tell the World  Mr. Robbins 2015
We're Still Together  Richard 2015
The Other Half  Bruised Man 2016


Title Role Year
Earth: Final Conflict  Storm Trooper 2001
Blue Murder  Uniform #1 2002
1-800-Missing  Dan Slater 2004
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye  Manager 2004
The Festival  Tony Russ 2005
The Business Tony Russ 2006-2007
Bethune Norman Bethune 2006
The Dead Zone Brian Judd 2007
Flashpoint  Sgt. Matt McDondrick 2008
The Beautiful Life: TBL Brandon Carr 2009
The Bitter End  Gym Teacher 2009
Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin Brian 2009
The Phantom Peter Lindford 2009
18 to Life  Salesman 2011
Claddagh  Mickey Finn 2012-2013
CAT. 8  Jack Hillcroft 2013
The Listener Trevor Channing 2013
Played  Nathan Brown 2013
The Lottery  Secret Service Sam 2014
Murdoch Mysteries Frederick Fetherstonhagh 2014
The Strain  Curfew Patrol Cop #1 2015
Heroes Reborn  Bob Berman 2015



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