Under the Mask is episode 3 of Heroes Reborn.  


Erica Kravid, the powerful woman behind the global conglomerate Renautas, reveals just how far she will go to protect the world from EVOs. Tommy finds comfort in sharing his ability with Emily and a new-found popularity at school. In Japan, Miko's rescue mission comes up against some unexpected obstacles. Noah continues to work with Quentin in his search for the truth and Malina is guided by an unseen force. Luke and Joanne Collins continue on their deadly mission and Carlos searches for answers that causes him to dig deep to find the hero within.


In Alaska, Malina uses her ability to suppress the malignancy that is approaching.

Molly Walker has been captured by Renautas.

In Yamagato Tower, Miko is captured by a man named Harris. He gives her sword to Erica Kravid and identifies it as Hiro Nakamura's.

At St. Jude's Hospital Noah finds a surveillance video of himself standing over Claire's body, with evidence of Hiro's time jumping abilities.

Joanne is eager to chase down the new leads in the Primatech files, but Luke is terrified by signs that he is developing an ability of his own.

Miko chops off Harris's hand and escapes with Ren, while Harris's hand generates a clone of himself.

Carlos puts on his brother's mask to become El Vengador, but meets his match in a powered enemy.

Erica uses Molly's ability to launch E.P.I.C., a technology that identifies EVOs around the globe.


  • Harris had a band-aid on his finger then he didn't then he did again.
  • During the party scene, a stack of beer cans are knocked over, but many of them stick together afterwards - even ones that had been knocked on their sides.
  • At Renautas Headquarters the text reads "Renautus".


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