Vanessa Cobham portrays a shape shifter in Heroes Reborn.  


Vanessa Cobham started dance class at the age of five because she was a very active child. From then on tap, jazz, ballet and hip-hop have been her passion. Her first taste of the downtown dance scene was at Randolph Dance Academy where she started taking hip-hop classes. Through networking Vanessa found out about auditions for the NBA Toronto Raptors Dance Pak. Ambition and drive allowed Vanessa to show up and audition for the first ever Raptors Dance Pak tryouts at the age of 18. She was one of the few chosen to join the team. This was her first paying dance job that paved the way for bigger and better things to come.

During her four years on the Raptors Dance Pak, Vanessa found her way into movies, stage shows, tours, commercials and her biggest accomplishment the Broadway musical, 'The Lion King'.


  • New Jersey Turnpikes (1999)
  • The Pacifier (2005)
  • Hairspray (2007)