Winrik Haentjens is a visual effects artist for Heroes Reborn

General Information


  • Visual Effects Artist




Visual Effects

Title Year
Shine a Light  2008
Speed Racer 2008
The Dark Knight  2008
Eagle Eye 2008
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil 2010
Blowout: Is Canada Next? 2010
Machines! 2010-2011
Nikita 2010-2011
Haven 2011-2015
Silent But Deadly  2011
The Walking Dead 2012-2014
Touch  2012
Missing  2012
Phantom  2013
Hemlock Grove  2013-2014
Doctor Who 2013
The Glades 2013
Rewind  2013
A Day Late and a Dollar Short 2014
Grey's Anatomy  2014
Satisfaction 2014
Gracepoint 2014
12 Monkeys 2015
Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters 2015
Heroes Reborn 2015
Damien 2016



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